Will the EU and India be able to conclude talks for a Free Trade Agreement by December 31, 2023?

Started Jul 13, 2022 01:19PM UTC
Closing Dec 31, 2023 11:06AM UTC

The Indo-Pacific is the most important prospective growth region in market size and purchasing power worldwide. India, which will soon surpass China as the most populous nation, is an important player in this context.

While the EU is India’s third largest trading partner, the sub-continent comes in only tenth for the Europeans. Regarding that untapped potential, EU trade commissioner Dombrovskis has called the partnership “one of the most important relationships” for this decade. The EU and India commenced negotiations on a trade and investment agreement in 2007 but paused negotiations in 2013. Talks resumed eight years later and as of 2022 two rounds of negotiations have taken place in Brussels and New Delhi. Dombrovskis further stated that both parties plan to reach a conclusion by late 2023.

Resolution Criteria
This question will be resolved if the European Commission’s trade relationship website includes a completed and ratified India-EU FTA or if a major news agency reports that both the EU and India have ratified the new agreement on or before December 31, 2023.

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