RANGE forecasts the outcome of key factors that will influence the transatlantic relationship.

The forecasts, crowdsourced from a community of transatlantic experts, experienced policymakers, and the informed public, are being curated by RANGE as a new source of input for analysis, publications, and elevating the public discourse. RANGE is a key part of the Bertelsmann Foundation & Bertelsmann Stiftung’s work to bring accurate, credible and forward-looking insights to governments and the public on both sides of the Atlantic.


Our mission is to build a diverse community of forecasters to infuse new, ongoing, accurate, and insightful perspectives into analysis and recommendations for policymakers.

Who should forecast on RANGE?

International relations professionals

University students in social sciences

Passionate forecasters from all disciplines


The critical topics we’re forecasting


The transatlantic approaches to China have evolved into "strategic competition." What is next for US-EU-China dynamics?

Climate Change

Exploring climate change, environmental policy, and how the EU and US can coordinate efforts to tackle this existential challenge.


Forecasting the future of technology, from data privacy to microchip manufacturing.


How can the US and EU reverse the democratic decline at home and abroad?


How will the latest developments in geopolitics drive the EU-US relationship?

Trade & Economics

How will key trade relationships and supply chains evolve going forward?

Learn more about RANGE, how our platform works, how we come up with forecast questions, and how the forecasts will be used.

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Your forecasts are crucial for making RANGE a success. Here’s what’s in it for you.

  • Forecast alongside your peers and leading thinkers from around the world representing think tanks, University programs, and forecast enthusiasts;

  • Have a direct conduit to analysis being shared directly with policymakers in the U.S. and Europe; and

  • Improve your skills in forecasting, rational thinking, and argumentation by having your forecasts regularly scored and seeing how you can improve.

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